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Business Plan | MindMeister Mind Map

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Business Plan

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1. How to create

1.1. structure of a good business plan

1.1.1. summary Don t miss anything short, but succinct confident and attention-catching

1.1.2. Company information the structure of the organization history information on the industry an analysis of the customer base description of the products or service benefits and key selling points

1.1.3. team a brief CV for each of the members external consultants show different departments

1.1.4. promotion and sales market research you should understand your own competitors and customers you should explain your plans for advertising

1.1.5. operations materials equipment

1.1.6. financial analysis profit and loss accounts cash flow sales projections amount of money

1.1.7. objectives specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound

2. sales tool

3. internal use

4. Professional Business plan writer

4.1. what he can do?

4.1.1. present your thoughts in a professional manner

4.1.2. develop your thoughts and make a plan out of them

4.2. Knows important terms

4.3. can effectively promote the business

4.4. Why hire him?

4.4.1. lack of experience

4.4.2. The need for a qualified business plan

4.5. How do find him?

4.5.1. take a local one

4.5.2. take an online writer

4.6. What to pay attention to?

4.6.1. Ask for work examples

4.6.2. work experience

4.6.3. make sure he s not a fraud

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